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Bambook Hardcover

The Bambook Hardcover is a luxurious and comprehensive version of the Bambook Basic. The notebook counts 20 erasable pages with a black margin for the Bambook App. With the application you can scan and share the information in the notebook with one press of the button. The sturdy bamboo cover has a luxurious appearance and makes the notebook even more durable.

Bambook Basic

The Bambook basic is an erasable notepad. Essentially it’s the combination of two products: the whiteboard and the notebook. The pages are manufactured in such a way that they are completely erasable.


To make sure your notes never get lost, Bambook created its own application, which you can download at your store on your smartphone. With this you can have your notes in digital form with a single press of a button. In other words: the last notepad you’ll ever need.

Bambook 2 Business

The products of Bambook always make a lasting impression. Bambook is perfect as an innovative and sustainable promotional gift. Next to this Bambook has a practical added value. A gift that’s really used. Do you want to know what Bambook can do for your company? Read the B2B page for examples or directly request a quotation!


Bambook Applicatie

Save your notes digitally

Bambook’s application helps you to get your notes from offline to online with a simple click.


When you fill up your page or notebook you can now easily digitalize your information. Your notes are stored as a PDF which can be saved in the application or can be sent to your favourite cloud service such as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneNote. Bambook’s app completes the story. You can keep writing forever in your last notepad without losing your notes.

Bambook - Uitwisbaar Schrift met Applicatie voor meer Duurzaamheid